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This is Japanese cosmetics & skincares exporter site who handles various Japanese popular over 40 brands. Here we show you main popular brand products together with English Name of Product Name,
List Price and P-Code(Product Code).
We may supply brandnew products/colors of each Cosmetic Maker timingly to our customer shops in foreign country, which is the most important method for increasing shopper's customers.

* 2016 Yanagiya Products data
* 2016 Bison / Cow Products data
* 2017 BCL Products data
* 2017 Elizabeth Products data
* 2017 Cosmetex Roland Products data
* 2017 Kracie New Products data
* 2017 Shiseido FT New Products data

KAO 2016 Spring New release Items and 2016 New Catalogs: New Biore series, Many New Items in Biore UV cares, Essential, Asience, Segreta, Liese Series, New Laurier SalaPure, Kirei style, Success, Megurism series. NIVEA skincare, CUREL Dry and Sensitive Skincares
Haircolor and Haircare Specialist maker : SALON de PRO Total Haircolors, Palty Younger's Haircolors, Mens Palty, VENEZEL Hair Perma and Tsubaki Oil, Hiyo Coat, etc.
Current Most Popular Dr.Cilabo 6-in-1 Gel/Essence and BB Cream foundation series, etc
New Release Ma Cherie, New Senka, New Version Tsubaki, and New UNO series, AG Deo, etc. which are new release items in Autumn 2016
New Je Laime Shampoo/Conditioner series and many New Softymo series, New Clear Turn Essence Mask, Gelee Mask, Hada Rizumu, GRACE ONE Skincares, Moisture Milk White, HYALO CHARGE, Savon de Bouquet, Precious Garden, Rose of Heaven etc.
Eye Makeup Specialist : Heavy Rotation, Heroine Make [List Price Sale Items] and Sun protect skincares - SUNKILLER(BC), Lifetiv, Mommy, Nail Seal
Eye Makeup Specialist Maker: Dolly Wink, es Make +, Dream Magic, Charming Kiss, Nail Art Seal, Spring Heart, Lash Concieerge, EyeTalk, EyeTape,etc
Our Handling Variety: Naive Total cares, ICHIKAMI haircares, HIMAWARI, Pro Style Haircares, SIMPRO, SILK, AROMA RESORT, HADA SHUKAN, HADABISEI, MOISTAGE, NACHULULU, Epilat Haircares
2016 Mandom New Catalog: Gatsby Hair Styler, LUCIDO, LUCIDO L(for lady), Bifesta, Barrier Repair, Baby Veil, Simplity, Treatia, Baby Veil
Diet Food : Goopita Cockies, Biscuit etc. acmedica, Day Keep, SKIN CONDITIONER, WINK UP, Parasola
Beauty Diet Foods: Goo Pita Cookie, Biscuit, Gummi, Cookie Bar/ URUOIYA Gummi
2016 All Rohto Skincare Products : Mentholatum, Hadalabo: Gokujyun, Shirojyun, Gokujyun α、50 GRACE, SelaCare, SUGAO, OXY,De Ou, Melano CC, SebaMed, ACNES, Mentholatum Lip Series, Sun protect skincare
Our Handling Variety : Nameraka Hompo [Moisture / Supple & Tradiant skin / Whitening], beauty made, HADANOMY COLLAGEN, HADANOMY AQUA-PLACENTA, Biggest Hit Porecare series : Pore Putty, Zubo Labo, Give & Take, Super Quick, New Born, Power Style
2016 Utena Products : PREMIUM PUReSA Beauty Mask Series, Royal Jelly Premium PUReSA Gelee Mask, Lumice Gold Firming Series, Utena Yuzuyu series : Hair Oil, Oil Mist and other various skincares
*** HOYU Brand Haircolors: NEW BEAUTEEN Younger people Haircolors, Beautylabo Haircolor series, Bigen Haircolor, CIELO Haircolor,etc.
*** FRESHLIGHT Princess Haircolor series:Milky type Haircolor, Milky type Turncolor, Bleaches, New Bubble type Colors
Our handling Variety :
*** COW Brand Bath Powder series, Bodysoap series, Haircare series, Handsoaps
*** BISON Fat Burning Bath Agent, Fat Burning Body Massage Series, New Baby Pink BB Cream, BB Powders, and other special skincare items, etc.
Our Handling Variety : CLEAR LAST, Brow Lash EX, Brow Lash Rich, Skin Flat, Love Chulle, Clornu, Cleansing Research Renew, TSURURI Series
Our handling Variety : Premium TSUBAKI Chan, Tsuya Gokoro Tsubaki Haircare, ANZU(appricot) Apricot Oil L, M, S : Grape Seed, Olive Series Oil, Muga Mens Wax, Medi. Hair Restore Essence, J[Hair Hard Gel], Fresh Tonic, Mens Body, ALOMAIL famous Hair Restorer Essence, Top Shade, Mens Haircares, Aplicot Oil
Our Handling Variety : 1de Bijin(Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen), Pure Natural Skincare, Direct White, CELDIE, with,JUREA, Lepoze
Our Handling Variety : Sleeping Medi.QttO Socks, Kutsurogi Medi.QttO Socks, Outside Medi.QttO Socks, Home Medi. QttO, Flight Socks and New Line Medi. Qtto Bady Shave series P=alvis cares
Our Handling Variety : Bon Bon series, Little Lady, Bi Bo, PORETOL, QUEALY, Pure Natural, Make Keep Citie Citie, Elizabeth Eyelid, Girls Secret Series
Many Variety of Several Skincares, Horce Oil concerned Skincares, Aroma Skincares
Our Handling Variety : Rosette Cleansing PASTA, Foot Celeb Foot Beautycare, Horse Oil Cleansing, Many Hello Kitty Special versions, Addictive-free Cleansing Series
2016 Meishoku Skincare Makers : Moist Labo BB Foundation/Powdeers, DET Clear,Moist Lab, Meishoku Organic Rose, Seasons, celacolla, Placewhiter
***** Sorry under preparation now ****
**** Sorry now under preparation ****
Our Handling Variety : Warmer - Yutapon, Steam Yutapon / Bath Powder - Energy Bath, Warm Bath Gasfoam Powder, Cool Bath Gasfoam Powder, Mineral Bath Powder
Clean Heel maker, Foot Warmer, Microwave Oven type Body Warmer, Easy Body Warmer, Sholder Warmer for good blood circulation, Special Warmer Socks

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