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Japanese-made Cosmetic Brands Variety site handles many variety of major Japanese cosmetic/skincare items. According to the customer's market requirement, we could introduce our recommended products in price range consideration, so please feel free to contact us with your market requirement info.

On your visit this site for some brands, You could see "English Product Name" and"P-code [last 6 digit of JAN Code]" then our Web Page ID [4-5digit] like "an001".
Your enquiry with these data listing in exel file, we could find your required item correctly. Variety of our handling Japanese brands
    KAO Haircares Skincare [Biore,Segreta,Essential,Asience,Liese Prettia,etc]
    Shiseido FT Skincare Haircares[Perfect Senka,Ma Cherie, Tsubaki,UNO]
    Kose Cosmeport Skincare Haircares [Softymo, GraceOne,Gelaime,Clear Turn]
    Kracie Haircare Skincre[Ichikami,Himawari,Prostyle,Hadabisei,Naive,etc]
    SANA Skincare Haircares [Nameraka H.,Give&take, New Born,Pore Putty]
    Mandum Haircares [Gatsby,LUCIDO,Befesta,Barrior Repair,etc]
    KOJI Eyemake [Dolly Wink,Dream Magic,Spring Heart,Lash Concierge,etc]
    ISEHAN Kiss Me Eyemakes [Heroine Make, Hevy Rotation,Sunkiller,etc]
    BCL Eyemake [Brow Lash,Brow Lash EX,Clear Last,Tsururi,etc]
    Dr.Scholl Pressure Socks [Home use,Sleeping use,Outing use,Relux use]
    Hoyu [Bigen, Beauteen,etc]
    Dariya Hair Coloring [Palty, Salon de Pro, etc]

    Meishoku, PDC, Elizabeth, Naris Up, UTENA, COW, JuJu, Cosmetex Roland,etc
    DHC, Lion, DUP, K-Palette, Maybeline, etc]

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Will you please find your requirements from web catalog and send us your enquiry. Then if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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