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Reliability and Order Proccess

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Fashion Cosme Site is over 20 years long-experienced exporter for many Japanese cosmetic brands, and we have a good reputation from worldwide customers in high reliability and quick & right operation for shipment.
Ordering proccess is [1] First we receive customer's order form, then we send [2] Order confirmation list with price, amount and request for remittance. After remittance arrived to us, [3] Our order arrangement here, then 7-10days later, we ship order items to customer in short time.
Please try from small amount order and get confidence for our operation and reliability.

Thank you ! Fashion Cosme Site

General Information

This is Japanese various brand cosmetics & skincares, haircares exporter site who handles many popular Japanese brands for over 20. However each brand has special feachers, colors, styles or impression from use, so you could select most preferable brands and items fit for your market.
For your product selection, please select 'Brand(series name)', 'English or Japanese product name', 'product code(last 6 digit of JAN code)' and 'quantity' then list up in exel file, we could find your required items correctly. {If you could add our Web Page Code like [kr001] [rt021], big help for know your product selection}

Our handling brands are shown in "Information" on this site, we anticipate your comments or enquiry after your visit to this site.

Thank you ! Fashion-Cosme Site

New Updates

- Dr.CiLabo Data
- Kose Cosmeport Data
- Dariya Data
- Rosette Data
- KissMe Heroine Make Etc Data
- K-Palette 1 Day Tatoo Eyemakes
- Koji Autumn/Winter New Release
- Kao Catalog 2019SS Data
- Shiseido FT 2019AW Data

Shiseido FT / KAO / Rohto

Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare, Makeup, etc.

Kose Cosmeport / SANA / PDC / Dr.CiLabo-JUJU

Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare, Makeup, etc.

Kracie / Mandom / Dariya / HOYU / COW / Yanagiya / Meishoku / UTENA / UNICHARM

Skincare, Haircare, Makeup, etc.


Eye Makeup, Eye Skincare, etc.

Dr.Scholl/Elizabeth/Cosmetex Roland/LION/P&G

Legs Pressure Socks, Skincare, Eye Makeup, Haircare, etc.